Countless benefits

Worldwide, Los Raudales offers life insurance policies in American dollars, available only to foreign citizen and non-U.S. residents. Among the numerous advantages that our products offer, you will find:

Pension Options with a Life Annuity in dollars.

Rates usually lower that the ones offered by your local company.

Protection against inflation and currency devaluation.

A guaranteed life annuity.

Protection for your loved ones in case of premature death.

Policies with participation and extraordinary investment characteristics.

Tax exempt income.

You may personally receive your Life Insurance benefits.

Monthly income for loved ones in case of death of the insured.

Unusual options.

Deposit of securities abroad.

Products with special characteristics

Since 1992 we have been marketing the most attractive line of Life Insurance products that exist today on the international market. These Whole Life Insurance policies focus on the fundamental financial interests of people worldwide, and include income for pension, accelerated death, terminal illness, payments due to accidental dismemberment, devaluation of currency and inflation.

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