The Life Insurance Industry

The Life Insurance Industry in the U.S. is one of the largest in the world and is estimated to mobilize over $ 2.000 trillion Assets.

The most powerful companies in the U.S. are the Life Insurance Companies.

We should also remember that the Insurance Industry has over 200 years of successful experience in the U.S.

The Insurance Industry is responsible for a large part of investments of the world economy, in the U.S. is the best regulated. The Company we represent is part of that powerful Industry.

A long and successful existence in the international market.
More than two thousand Companies.
Regulating Entities.
Insurance Department.
Insurance Commissioner.
Securities and Exchange Commission.

It is essential
Last expenses
Clinical expenses
Funeral expenses
Cemetery expenses
Money to pay for your home Mortgage and/or any other pending credit
Money to pay for your children’s education
Money to cover family medical expenses
Money for a family economic readjustment
Money to preserve the family estate
Money to retire with dignity

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